Staten Island Trail Festival

Saturday, December 07, 2013 8:00 AM
1131 Manor Rd
Staten Island, NY

Event Summary:
A trail running festival right in one of the 5 Boros of NYC! Come see why folks from last years said they would ABSOLUTELY be back for more.
Event Details:

Staten Island Trail Festival/Greenbelt Trail Ultra
Saturday, December 7, 2013
Henry Kaufman Campgrounds

Henry Kaufman Campground located at:
1131 Manor Rd
Staten Island NY 10314

We’re all in for a great day on an outstanding trail course this Saturday. Please
take a few minutes to read this email to ensure a safe and great race for all.

*Note for 50-K runners: Don’t forget your headlamp for second part of course.

Bib Number and Shirt Pick-up
25-K and 50-K participants will pick up their numbers between 6:30 7:45 at Henry
Kaufman Campground  - on race day.

10-K Participants will pick up there numbers between 8:30-9:45 am at
Henry Kaufman Campground.

Start time for the 25 and 50-K: 8AM
Start time for the 10-K: 10AM

The Campground has its own parking lot. When it fills, there is ample street parking on Manor Road.

Bathrooms and Changing Areas
Both are on the premises; changing area is semi-private.

Bag Check
Yes, we can check your bag or you can leave it in your car; parking is close-by.

Course Overview and Aid Stations
25-K: There will be four aid stations
50-K: There will be eight aid stations
10-K: There is one aid station at mile 3.5

Each aid station will have peanut butter and jelly on bagels, Nutella, bananas,
trail bars, oranges and other snacks, and water and energy drinks
The approximate distance between aid stations is 3-4miles.

There will be a complimentary BBQ at the finish for 25-K and 50-K runners.
Tickets are just $5.00 for 10-K runners and spectators.

How the Course is Marked
The course will be mark with streamers hanging from tree branches. Make sure
you follow the correct color for your course.
25K and 50-K runners: Following PINK streamers.
10-K runners: Follow ORANGE streamers

Always follow the streamer and not the runner in front of you!

Trail Conditions
The trail course has many short, steep inclines and declines. There is dense leaf
coverage in many areas as well as exposed roots and rocks. The trails are also
narrow. As of this email the course is dry and fast. There is, however, a
possibility for rain/snow towards the end of the week.

NYC Parks/Greenbelt crews, volunteers and King of the Mountain staff members
have done a great job removing major downed trees.

Street Crossings
Although the majority of this race takes place along the Greenbelt trail system,
there are some unavoidable street crossings.
You are responsible to cross streets safely. Cars will not always stop for
you, so be vigilant and look both ways before you cross. We do try to
provide volunteers to monitor street crossings, but you must be careful!

50-K course: 12 street crossings
25-K course: 6 street crossings
10-K course: No street crossings

Aid Station s
1. 4 Miles (Gear Drop for 50K)
2. 7.5 Miles
3. 11.0 Miles
4. 13.5 Miles
5. 17.00 miles (Gear Drop for 50K ) (After 1pm must leave with Headlamp)
6. 20.5 miles
7. 24.0 miles
8. 26.5 miles
9. Finish!


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